Logan Servantes - Gangrel

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"Fuck it. Let's do it."

Australian Proverb
Logan grew up knowing the love of only one person, her adoptive brother Rey. He taught her everything she knew and sheltered her as best he could. When he died, Logan was thrown into an emotional upheaval that totally changed her life. Her adoptive parents blamed her for Rey's death, and cast her out of the family, leaving her homeless and with no resources.

For a while she accepted the help of a vampire named Estrea, who ghouled her, Logan believed, out of friendship. It quickly became apparent that Estrea was not really her friend, that she simply wanted someone to do her bidding. Logan quickly realized that she didn't need the help Estrea offered. She would never be free as long as Estrea was calling the shots, so she agreed when Warchild offered to embrace her and take her out of the city.

Knowing that Estrea would be looking for them, Logan and Warchild kept to the back roads, moving from town to town while Warchild taught Logan the basics of her new existance. He also taught her the basics of hunting and feeding, and together they carved a path across the midwest.

One of the things Rey had taught Logan was kickboxing, and on the road with Warchild, Logan was able to use those skills to make money and stay alive. When her sire left her in Detroit, Logan had to figure out how to survive until he came back for her. She was doing just fine when she met Sean Jensen.

Sean was everything Logan had yearned for when she was human, and nothing she expected to find now that she was a monster of the night. She decided she couldn't stand the idea of being without him, so she made him her ghoul. When Warchild returned to Detroit, the three of them left the city and headed south.

In Atlanta the trio found new friends and the opportunity to work with Jeremy Scott, who enjoys Logan's... affections. Sean didn't like the arrangement, and Logan had to put her foot down, not realizing that she was behaving much like her old mistress, the one she gave up everything to get away from.

Finally Sean could take it no longer. One day he disappeared, and Logan has been unable to track him. Deep down she looks at it as just another abandonment in a life long string of abandonments. Hiding the pain she feels at his betrayal, Logan has rededicated herself to learning everything Warchild can teach her, and has added Jeremy as another role model.