Sean Jensen - Gangrel Ghoul

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"If you don’t believe in believing
Then how can true love ever be so?"

Paula Abdul – Rush Rush
Sean was born the third of five children in a close-knit Catholic family from Bowling Green, Ohio. Despite the secure family environment he grew up in, Sean was always a bit shy in social situations. His one experience with a steady girlfriend in college ended badly, making him even more withdrawn where girls were concerned.

As close as he was with his family, he hated leaving home to move to Detroit after college, but that was where the jobs were. He rented a small house in the suburbs and took pleasure in working on motorcycles out of his garage.

He was sitting alone at a bar one night when he was approached by a girl who had overheard him talking about motorcycles and wanted him to fix hers. One thing led to another, and soon he was head over heals in love with her. Trouble was he couldn’t get her to commit to a relationship. He tried to be patient, but he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong.

Then he found out the truth about why she wouldn’t commit. Not only was she not planning on staying in town, she was a creature of the night, a vampire. She was only waiting for her sire to return before leaving town, and to add to his surprise, she wanted to take Sean with her when she left. That night they exchanged blood and he became her ghoul.

When Logan's sire returned for her Sean tried to believe that he still meant something to her. Over time he came to realize that he was nothing more than her toy, a servant and plaything that she didn't really care about. He found a way to escape and went underground, running from town to town so that Logan wouldn't find him.