Warchild - Gangrel

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"Mother, tell your children not to walk my way
Tell your children not to hear my words
What they mean, what they say"

Danzig Ė Mother
Eric woke one night with no memory on a beach in Southern California to find that he had died and become a vampire. The man standing over him declared he was Ericís sire, and welcomed him into the Gangrel clan. The man never got to reveal his name before Eric frenzied and destroyed him. The only thing Eric had that told of his life was a social security card with his name on it in his wallet.

For the first year after his embrace, Eric traveled from town to town, quickly earning a reputation as bad news. He was forcibly removed from more than one Camarilla city, and a few Sabbat held towns as well. He headed south thinking that he would try Mexico for a while.

Just south of Baja he thought to rob an old man sitting alone on a bench. What he didnít know was that this old man was an Elder of the Gangrel clan. After the elder defeated Eric, he discovered that his foe had had no formal training in his disciplines and decided to teach Eric, even if he had to kill him again to do it.

Calling him Warchild for the tattoo on his stomach, the elder first taught him in the ways of Zen to better discipline himself. Once Eric mastered that, the old man taught him to read and speak four separate languages while training him is his clanís powers. When the old man decided he was ready, he told Eric to go away and live his own life.

Warchild feels most at home in the lower parts of town as nobody bothers him much there. This fact had lead to many Nosferatu feeling threatened by him in the cities he goes to, and there have been more than one bloody encounter between him and the sewer rats. Warchild spent ten years traveling through Texas, then up to the Dakotaís before finally coming back to California. He lived in LA for just under ten years before Graves fell into torpor. Now he has left LA and gone East, but no one seems to know where.