Jaya Indumatti - Assamite Antitribu

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"There will be no pleading for forgiveness.
They are rubbish, they are criminal scum.
They are different from us.
There is now no fear in us.
They are weak."

Irvine Welsh - Filth
Jaya Melissa Indumatti was born and raised in Calcutta, India. Her mother was from one of Londonís elite families and her father was a former general in the Indian army. Jaya was their only child and was pampered with their luxurious lifestyle that was a mix of the English and Indian cultures. She was well educated on a variety of topics, and excelled in her courses. The family made frequent trips to England.

When she was a year old, a marriage was arranged for Jaya that merged her family with a local wealthy family. Jaya knew her future husband, Jalil. In 1908 they were married in a lavish ceremony that somehow managed to intermingle both English and Indian customs.

In late 1911 Jalil was called to serve in the countryís military, and while away he died of malaria. With his death, Jaya was left with his family. Their rigid customs were difficult for her to deal with, and one evening she packed all she could carry and set off for her parentís home. Unfortunately she got turned around in the dark and was attacked by a group of Sabbat.

Her embrace was not gentle. When she dragged herself out of the ground hours later she was in a strange are of Calcutta. When she realized what had happened, she was confused, but quickly realized that she enjoyed being a vampire. She quickly gained the respect of the pack and was taken to Alma-Ata where she trained for seven years.

After returning to the pack she had been embraced into, she traveled Europe and the Middle East with them. In 1930 she embraced Alexander Ramsey and after his own training at Alma-Ata, he also rejoined the pack. In 1945 the group traveled to North America, where they constantly battle Camarilla vampires.