Alexander Ramsey - Assamite Antitribu

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"Is evil something you are?
Or something you do?"

Morrissey - Sister I'm a Poet
Ramsey was born in 1893 in London, England into a minor noble family. He graduated from Oxford in 1917 with a degree in Archeology, then went directly to Egypt to participate in any dig he could find.

It was in Egypt in December of 1929 when he first came across references to a Monastery of Shadows that held the Book of Nod. He was intrigued by the name of this book he'd never heard of, so he made some inquiries with other scholars in Egypt and England. These inquiries caught the attention of several Assamite Antitribu who also sought the Book of Nod.

In 1930 Ramsey found information that led him to believe that the Monastery was in Europe. After helping with the transfer of the artifacts from his dig, he decided to try and find the Monastery himself.

The Assamite Antitribu had attempted to intercept Ramsey's courier but had been too late. They took Ramsey from a train bound for England and when he wouldn't cooperate, Jaya Indumatti embraced him.

Ramsey was taken to the Black Hand stronghold in Alma-Ata for his apprenticeship. He received his rites in 1937 when he joined the pack that Jaya was a member of. The pack headed for Europe when World War II broke out, and they stayed there until the end of the war. During this time Ramsey diablerized a Tremere elder in Berlin, and was scarred in a scuffle with a werewolf that he barely walked away from.

In 1946 the pack came to America where they specialize in the taking over of Camarilla held cities.