Dances-at-Twilight - Celican

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"Can’t escape the scratching
My blood makes a noise
It’s hard not to play
When there are so many toys."

Jewel - Under the Water
Dances was born Alicia Esperanza, the only child of a powerful South American drug lord. He had forced her mother to leave when she was a baby, and the Bastet had no way to return for her child. Alicia always knew there was something bad about her father, and when she was twelve she found out the truth. She ran away from their home in Rio de Janeiro to the carnival, where she had her first transformation.

A Celican friend of her mother's found her right away and tutored her for the required year and a day before they both walked away, as Bastet tradition dictates. When she reached Mexico, a Kindred took her in and cared for her until she was old enough to take care of herself. By the time she was seventeen she had found her way to America and Isabel Quintinilla’s Sabbat pack.

The pack had a young Bastet among them who had not yet found a mentor. Dances, by that time using the name Alida Corazon and the guise of a thief, tutored him for several months until a member of his tribe came along. Then Alida shed her identity and personality and moved on.

She traveled north through the United States until she found herself in Canada under the name of Amante Solitario, an exotic dancer. She performed for a few months in Windsor until the climate became too constricting for her and she moved to Detroit.

The Frenchman, the Kindred prince of Detroit, and his Gangrel guard Cassidy immediately took note of the young dancer. They recognized her for what she was and decided to recruit her assistance when a slight problem cropped up with the Giovanni.

Cassidy intrigued Dances, for all that he was a leach. Being Gangrel he had several cat-like frenzy marks that drew her attention. She agreed to help with the Giovanni only if he would take her out on a date when the matter was finished. After all, curiosity may have killed the cat, but in the end satisfaction brought her back. Dances joined Isabel, Adam White, Jocelyn Smith and Gabrielle in their investigation into the matter.

Once the Giovanni were taken care of, the group’s attention turned to bigger and badder trouble. Dances is amusing herself with Cassidy until her tribe’s inclination to roam once more asserts itself and she moves on to another toy— uh, town.

Dances has several basic personas. Alida Corazon is a thief who steals mainly from underworld types. Although she has no problem taking art, jewelry or cash, she will not touch anything related to drugs. Alicia Esperanza is an industrial spy who specializes in bypassing security. Amante Solitario, is an exotic dancer whose specialty is the Dance of the Dominatrix.

Recently Dances has developed a fourth personality. Casilde is Cassidy’s lover and personal shadow. She is by his side constantly, dressing almost exactly like him and mirroring his every movement when they are in public. While she doesn’t exactly love Cassidy, she would defend him with her life.