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Curiosity and the Cat

Curiosity and the Cat

Sometimes Dances-at-Twilight is too curious for her own good. When she meets a vampire named Cassidy, that curiosity nearly consumes her. How far will she go to get to know him better?
Note: This story is in the process of being written. Some chapters are unfinished, while others are so incomplete they cannot be posted. Completed chapters will be posted as they become available.

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Curiosity and the Cat

Characters in the Story

Cassidy - Gangrel Isabel Quintinilla - Lasombra Antitribu Gabrielle Duvalle - Ventrue Jocelyn Smith - Ravnos Adam White - Ventrue The Frenchman - Ventrue Prince Paul Racine - Toreador Dominic - Gangrel Ghoul Trent - Gangrel Ghoul Alec - Gangrel Ghoul

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Note: Some fiction contains explicit content and is not meant for children under the age of seventeen.