Isabelle Quintinilla - Lasombra Antitribu

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"You darkness that I come from
I love you more than all the fires
That fence in the Universe."

Ranier Maria Rilke - You Darkness
Isa is from Corpus Christy Texas where she went to college at Texas A&M. She was embraced by the leader of a Sabbat pack whose purpose was to infiltrate Camarilla cities under the guise of a traveling band.

She served as the singer for the band, and fell in love with the guitar player, Alejandro. During one of their jaunts into a Camarilla city, the entire pack was destroyed, including her beloved Ale.

She took what valuables she could carry and rode her motorcycle out of town. She eventually ended up in Detroit where the prince decided to give her a chance to prove herself. There she was reunited with a Bastet who apparently didn't recognize Isa, even though the Sabbat pack had taken her in many years before.

Isa killed the bad guy with a little help from her new friends. Very little help. The prince allowed her to stay in town and assist with security.

Recently Isa was involved with helping the Gangrel and Brujah clans keep Tina Andrews away from the Tremere. She was involved with many battles, and has finally made friends within the Kindred community.