Kristin Saunders - Gangrel

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"Who’s gonna light up your dark?
Who’s gonna save your soul?"

Live – River Town
Kristin Saunders was the only child of parents who raised her in a small suburb of Ann Arbor. She did well in school and won a full scholarship to Eastern Michigan University, where she majored in Business. After graduating Suma cum Laude, she went to work for one of the smaller companies in the area.

Despite her good looks and friendly personality, Kristin had few boyfriends over the years, preferring to focus on her work, though she did have many friends. Unknown to her, one of those friends, Zach dela Rocha, was a vampire. She learned the truth one night when he saved her life by feeding her his blood.

The clan couldn't just let her go, so they arranged for her to work at the Strong Security Agency, a bodyguard and protection firm owned by Tina Andrews. Kristin is running the agency while Tina spent six month relearning how to be Tremere.

Just before Tina's six months was up, she fell into torpor. When she awoke, she killed her ghoul, Petor Andrews, which enraged Maggie Pillion to the point that she lost it and attacked Kristin. In an effort to save her life, Scott Murphy fed her blood. Unfortunately, Kristin had been so far gone that Scott's blood triggered the embrace. Kristin's accidental embrace caused the death of the Tremere Enforcer when she went after Scott.

Kristin remains working at the Strong Security Agency, though she is now more involved in the security aspect than pushing paperwork.