Madelynne Walker - Gangrel

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"Never a possesion, always the possessor
with skin as pale as smoke
and eyes as tawny and sharp as yellow wine:
Desire is everything you've ever wanted.
Whoever you are - whatever you are. Everything."

Narrator - The Quotable Sandman
Madelynne was born in 1940, the only child of a young couple. She was the center of their world. Her dad was in the service and he was killed during World War II. Madelynne and her mother moved to Pittsburgh to start over because her mother had grown up in the city and her grandparents still lived there. Her mother never remarried.

Her mother worked as a secretary and they lived a few streets over from her grandparents. As time passed, the grandparents died and it was just Madelynne and her mother. She graduated from high school and went to work in a department store. Her mom got sick and Madelynne took care of her until she died. Madelynne was devastated.

One night she met a guy while she was out with a friend. She agreed to go out with him and they began dating. Three months into their relationship, Patrick revealed his 'true' self to Madelynne and embraced her. She accepted it all and remained with Patrick until he began to get obsessive about her. She knew he'd be mad, but she left, leaving only a note that didn't say where she was going. She's heard that he is looking for her, but she doesn't worry about him finding her.

Madelynne caused a bit of a ruckus in Detroit when she settled there. Many members of the now divided Gangrel clan are loyal to Madelynne, including Logan, her lover. Madelynne took Tina and her ghouls into the pack when they arrived in town and allowed them to join her pack.

While trying to keep Tina away from the Tremere, Madelynne made a number of deals that led to becoming Primogen of the Gangrel of the city. She reintegrated most of the clan under her leadership, along with quite a few of the Brujah, but unfortunately that didn't give her the power she hoped to make the Tremere back off.