Paul Racine - Toreador

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"The way of the warrior is to master the virtue of his weapons."

Miyamoto Musashi - Go Rin No Sho (A Book of Five Rings)
Born in 1255 to a wealthy family in England, Paul was sent to the Far East as a Spice trader to learn some manners and responsibility. After a few months in Japan, Paul offended a samurai warrior known only as Kinjo. Kinjo promptly killed Paul, but the powers that controlled the samurai decided Kinjo should embrace Paul and teach him what honor is. After a decade of hard lessons and punishment, Paul started to show signs of honor and when Kinjo was satisfied with his progress he started to teach him the Samurai Way.

Paul learned The Way very quickly, and soon adopted Kinjo’s own Code of Honor. Staying by his master’s side for nearly two and a half centuries, practicing and serving The Way, a time came when the feudal system started into decline. Kinjo foresaw the samurai becoming nothing more than a memory, and wishing an honorable death while honor still meant something, he instructed Paul to take his Sire’s life with his own sword. Paul did. When the last of the Lords fell, Paul decided to leave Japan and seek a place he could continue the teaching of The Way.

After traveling the globe for a century and a half, he happened to come to the newly formed United States. Here he found a place he could share his knowledge. A Ventrue he had met in France had taken over the city of Detroit and welcomed Paul with open arms.