Conri - Brujah

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"I'll steal your breath
And throw away
What I despise"

Garbage - My Lover's Box
During a brutal raid that decimated the village Conri had just been born into, a bottle of ink spilled onto the baby’s face. The outlaw’s holy man, finding the child and feeling regretting the slaughter of his family, decided that the thieves should raise the child themselves. He invented a prophecy about a blue faced baby that made the outlaws adopt the infant ‘Wolf King’.

Conri lived up to the expectations of the group by becoming their leader. His band of outlaws roamed the area around Dublin and was involved in nearly every illegal activity that occurred in the Pale.

One night the ‘Wolf King’ chose the wrong person to steal from. After a grisly battle with an inhumanly powerful opponent, Conri lay near death. All he remembers of his embrace was that an ‘angel’ told him that his mission in life was to rid the world of ‘evil’.

Conri has spent his unlife stealing from the corrupt and sinful rich and giving to the poor unfortunately that live in the Pale. He is completely unaware of Kindred politics or rules, and has chosen to fulfill the mission given to him; to rid the world of evil one rich man at a time.