Moira Cleary - Lasombra

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“If you think yourself pure, then your sin is hypocrisy, or you are God.”

Gregory J Griffin
Moira was born in the early 1400's in Northern Ireland. As she was the only child her father doted on her, allowing her to learn and train in weapons as if she were a son. Her mother had died when she was very young.

When she turned 10, her father remarried and her stepmother and stepbrothers hated her. When her father died four years later they sent her to the Convento de Las Dueñas in Spain. She lived at the convent for fifteen years but steadfastly refused to take her vows.

Moira eventually came to the attention of Benito de Pasan, a Lasombra who believed he was doing the will of God. Benito explained that he received a vision that he was to go to the convent and embrace her. She left the church to return to Dublin, where she discovered that her father had left his title and his estates to her. With a little… convincing from Señor de Pasan, the stepsons returned all they had stole to Moira and retired to the Northern Estates.

One night while returning from court, Moira came across a werewolf under attack from a group of hunters armed with silver weapons. After dispatching the attackers, she felt that as a God fearing Christian it was her duty to ensure that he lived.

When he regained consciousness she learned that he was Lord Tiernan Cleary, a minor lord from the area. Realizing that she was a vampire, he attempted to kill her and escape, but as he was injured he was unable to harm her. She nursed him patiently, and eventually he realized that she was not the evil creature he’d believed her to be. They became friends, then their feelings for each other deepened. Her religion wouldn’t allow her to have a lover, so they married.

There are times that she regrets the fact that their relationship has made Tiernan a Ronan, but Moira cannot regret marrying her husband or gaining two beautiful stepdaughters. She and Tiernan have been married 10 years and they all live on her estates near Dublin.

Five years ago one of her ladies, Aideen Madigan, discovered what Moira was. Fearing exposure, Moira first dominated then ghouled the woman. Aideen later suggested that Moira ghoul Rearden, her husband. The arrangement has made it easier for Moira to keep up on Kindred politics in Dublin.