Sajah al-Zarqa' - Ravnos

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"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

Albert Einstein
Sajah al-Zarqa’ was born in Medina. Her family were gypsies and traveled all over the Arabian nations, mostly near the Red Sea, selling their wares in open markets for food and other things they couldn’t make.

When Sajah was fourteen, the caravan came to Alexandria where Sajah’s father lost her in a dice game to a wealthy merchant who wasted no time in putting Sajah to work. One evening the man tried to rape her and beat her unconscious. The injuries were so severe that Sajah cannot remember her life before waking up in Melina’s care.

Melina Burke was a Kindred who had become intrigued by the young Sajah. She had intervened when the merchant had attacked the girl and took Sajah away with her. While their relationship was awkward at first, the two quickly became good friends. On Sajah’s eighteenth birthday Melina embraced her.

Sajah stayed with her sire long enough to learn what being a vampire meant and the basics of her disciplines, but then the wanderlust of the Ravnos blood called and soon Sajah struck out on her own. She returned to Dublin often to visit her sire, but she felt a need to connect with the past she cannot remember. She joined a caravan of Arabian gypsies and took on Kamal ar-Rashid as her ghoul and lover.

Sajah and Kamal travel with the caravan selling silver and dried chicken bones she passes off as saint’s bones. Recently they traveled to Dublin where they have set up a silversmith shop and are waiting for the caravan to join them.