Alexandria Granville - Tremere

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What breaks your heart?
What keeps you awake at night?
What makes you want to breakdown and cry?"

Tracy Chapman - Tell It Like It Is
Alexandria was born in 1720 in France to an aristocratic family. She had 2 sisters and two brothers. By her 15th birthday she married a man she loved very much and they moved to Switzerland with in the first year. Also that first year she had her first child, a girl. After that she had 2 sons.

Close to the time of her 25th birthday her husband met with a mysterious death. Getting no answers form anyone she decided to look for a few answers on her own. Saying she was going out riding for the afternoon just to ride or to collect herbs and flowers she went looking for clues to his death. Shortly after dusk one fall evening she came upon a stone house she had never seen before. The lights were on so she went to the door to ask if they knew anything. That was when she met Maurice, her sire.

Over time they forged a wonderful friendship and he revealed to her what he was. She also found out what happened to her husband, but she let nobody know. Shortly before Alexandria 30th birthday, her daughter married and moved on to her husbandís home leaving Alexandria alone.

Maurice frequented her home more often now and the day after her 30th birthday she allowed Maurice to embrace her. The next evening she took all her possessions and left her home to go with Maurice. She stayed with him as a friend, a mentor and lover for at least the next 50 years or so, they were happy.

They traveled around Europe and the UK. On occasion they traveled to the US, but always came back to Europe where they loved it so much more. Eventually they returned to in Switzerland and made their home there. Alexandria always loved the latest fashions and creating new stylish dresses and evening wear for her and Maurice, so it was then and there she began her clothing business.

Her business was did well and she and eventually she appeared less and less to the customers in her shop, mostly because it would raise questions to her not aging and the like. The appearance that her family and faithful long time employees were running it was given.

In the present day she has two ghouls, Mackenzie and Lauren, working for her and also the three people who are her herd, Chloe, Nicholas and Lily. She and Maurice had moved to Edinburgh where she became the chantry leader. She also learned that he was cheating on her yet again. Add that to the fact that he was working with dark Thaumaturgy, and their relationship was over. Alexandria is now dating Jeremy Krenecker, the Brujah Sheriff of the city.