Cara Hannigan - Arcanum/Inquisition

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"Yes there is danger and there are shadows,
And there is fear inside the dark."

Melissa Etheridge - Truth of the Heart
Cara was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland with her twin sister Michaela and their older brother Magnus. When their parents were killed, Magnus took care of the girls until they were of an age to care for themselves. Magnus was a member of the Arcanum, and because of their unique abilities, the girls joined as well.

Cara has telekinesis, the ability to move objects with her mind. The more outgoing of the twins, Cara enjoys doing charity work raising money for one of the local hospitals and volunteering at the local theatre. She is dating Ian MacGregor, a hospital administrator.

Magnus was investigating rumors of a vampire in America when he was embraced. Upon seeing their horribly disfigured brother, Cara and Michaela killed him. They sought out the Society of Leopold and occasionally hunt vampires without the Arcanum’s knowledge or consent.

On a trip to America, the girls were bitten by one vampire and approached by another who offered to help them kill the fiend that had turned their brother. They traveled to Phoenix where they did find Magnus’ sire and Michaela was able to destroy him. Unfortunately, they unknowingly drank the prince’s blood, bringing them one step blood bonded to him, and awakening a thirst for vitae that has yet to be dealt with.