Belle Fairfax - Dhampyr

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“Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard”

Coldplay – The Scientist
Isabelle Marie Fairfax was born near Nashville in August of 1976 and she is the only child of Tomas and Julia.

Her mom left when she was very young because she thought that since she was a vampire, it would be safer for her child and her husband if she were gone. Until recently Belle thought that her mom was dead. Her dad had always told her how beautiful her mother was and that she had to go live with Jesus. He never lied, only left out bits of the truth, she wasn’t really dead and she wasn’t living with Jesus in the gone to Heaven sense, more along the lines of a vampire named Jesus.

So, her father raised her and she spent her childhood moving from place to place, never staying anywhere long enough to make friends, really. Belle and her dad changed their names often, and appearances to some extent.

Belle’s father loved her very much, but he was more of a friend than a father. He actually had a big problem, one she recognized when she got older. He was a drug addict, and methamphetamines were his drug of choice. She managed to get him to stop a few times, but the drug always pulled him back in, whether it was a day, a month, or a year later.

By the time she was 13, she was the one who decided when and where they were going to move. Her dad seemed relieved to let someone else make the decisions, and she even started handling the money. Belle managed to get her father off the drugs for nearly a whole year.

Tomas also had a habit of drinking heavily once a year, and when Belle got old enough she realized it was always around the same date. It was the only time he ever talked about Julia, but he never made any sense.

Belle did very well in school, despite the jumbled education she got from moving around. She also did very well in sports. However, it was difficult for her to make friends, and eventually she developed a temper. On one of his rare sober days, her dad tried to talk to her about it, but by that time she was 11 and more of a parent to him than he was to her. Eventually she managed to control it, but sometimes she has difficulty with her temper.

Belle had many theories as to why they had to stay on the move; dad’s drug habit and the law; dad had kidnapped her from her real family; dad was keeping her from an abusive mother; dad was a spy hiding from the government. Eventually she was able to discount most of her theories and eventually realized she was the reason the two of them could never settle down

No matter how big or how small the town they moved to was, no matter what steps they took to avoid attention, eventually Belle would realize that people were watching her. Not long after, her father would notice it too and tell her it was time to go.

In 1991 they moved to Flint and it is there that Tomas has to go and work for the cities vampire prince, Tristan in repayment for a favor that he helped Tomas with many years ago.

Belle has made several good friends in Flint and now has a boyfriend, Allen who happens to be a werewolf, and she has also just recently found out what her mom is and also what she is, a dhampyr, a child of a vampire. She knows that she has the strength of a vampire and she has visions sometimes when she touches things.

Tomas’ brother Seme has just come to town as well. He is a ghoul of another kind. He is a hunter of the vampires, but he realized that if he takes their blood it makes him stronger and faster. He does not like Julia at all because of what she is and an incident that occurred shortly after her embrace.

Tomas disappeared one night it was then that Allen asked his Uncle to help him and Belle look for her dad. Wolf and Brent, two of the werewolves from the same pack as Allen, helped them look over the city for her dad, eventually Seme joined in looking as well. Later that night Belle found a note from her dad telling her that he was going to talk to her mom. He returned the next day just before dawn with Julia.

Belle did not expect to feel the way that she did when her mom returned. She should have been happy and overjoyed, but she was not. She was nervous and scared and had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that tingled every time that a vampire was around, a feeling that she associated with fear and having to be on the run.