Kala Anderson - Verbena

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“Ooh, it must be magic
How inside your eyes I see my destiny”

Warrant - I Saw Red
Kala Anderson Awoke one night when she was a junior in high school. She’d been celebrating with her friends when one of them was attacked and beaten very badly. By using Magic, Kala was able to fight the older kids off, but her friend Taylor went into a coma.

Kala is a hereditary witch who’s family has roots in the Strega tradition of Italy. Her mother married a man who didn’t like magic, so when they found out their oldest daughter was a witch, they sent her to live with her grandparents, whom Kala had never knew existed.

Becky Walsh, a friend from Kala’s home town, visited the Maggiano’s often and they continued to be best friends until Becky disappeared a year after they graduated high school.

Guiseppe and Beatrice Maggiano owned Serendipity, a gift shop in Flint, Michigan. The shop had a special room that the Maggianos always kept locked, a room full of magickal supplies. Her grandparents taught Kala a lot about magick and about the Verbena arts. Kala specialized in herbalism, and soon was making her line of soaps and other items for the shop.

Elaine Meadows, a Dreamspeaker, was drawn to Kala when she started going to Flint Schools in their senior year. Soon the girls were very close, spending much of their free time together.

Shortly after starting college, Kala met Guy Anderson, a man who seemed like her perfect equal. Through him she was able to join The Children of the Moon Coven, a group of Verbena and Dreamspeaker magi, and expand her circle of friends. Elaine was able to join the coven as well, and eventually so did her sister.

When Kala’s parents were killed in a car accident, she became the legal guardian of her younger sister, Bianca Patterson. At the time Kala was two years into a four year college degree, and not yet ready to get married. However, to provide Bianca with a more traditional family, Guy and Kala got married.

Beatrice turned control of Serendipity over to Kala when Guiseppe died shortly after Kala’s college graduation. Kala could run the business and make whatever changes she wanted to, but Beatrice retained controlling interest, and gave a percentage of ownership to Bianca as well. Kala began making the magickal aspect of the business more public, which made Serendipity the most popular new age store in town.

Kala’s marriage to Guy was a rocky one. Bianca never really liked Guy, though Kala couldn’t see past her love for the man to see him for what he really was. It wasn’t until Kala came home and found Guy in bed with Xander Dickenson, his best friend, that she knew it was over. He tried to fight her for a percentage of the business, but luckily he lost the court battle.

Elaine had also experienced a bad marriage, and had divorced her husband shortly before Kala’s divorce was final. In their loneliness, the women turned to each other for solace.

A few years after her divorce, Kala met Burke Endret, a prominent lawyer in town. He was instantly attracted to her, and has done what he could to see that she was just as interested in him. He saved her life from an assassin’s attack, and insisted she learn self defense, with him as her teacher.

Kala also ran into Becky once more. Becky claimed to have been in an accident and said that she had spent the last few years learning how to live again. In reuniting with Kala, she hoped to have a second chance at romance with her once-best friend.

In reading the cards, Kala was able to determine that danger surrounded her, Becky and Burke, unless the three of them were together. Confessing her interest in both of them, she wasn’t entirely surprised when they expressed an interest in each other. They also confessed other things. Becky, as it turns out, is a vampire. Burke, on the other hand, is a Technocratic Mage. Despite the innate problems with dating members of rival factions, all three were determined to make things work, no matter what.