Lucy Reynolds - Assamite

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"Tell me what you need, tell me what to be
What's your vision you'll see?
What do you expect of me?"

Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
Lucy’s mother Jessica was a street woman who disappeared in 1606. Dovey, one of the other women, took her in for a while until she died when Lucy was five. After that Lucy lived wherever she could. Many of the streetwalkers would give her food and some of them would occasionally give her a place to sleep.

As a child Lucy quickly learned how to ingratiate herself into people’s lives, and one house in particular had a stable boy, Joseph, that would try to take care of her whenever she would let him. His mother, Anna, the housekeeper, hated Lucy and always chased her away with a broom whenever she found her on the premises.

Lucy’s mother came back for her in 1613, giving her the first doll she ever owned. It was a porcelain doll with long dark hair and a mint green dress. She spent her teen years still physically a child of ten at Alamut ghouled to her mother and learning how to kill. She was embraced in 1620, and she took to the clan well. Her lack of aging didn’t bother her until 1650 when she returned to mortal society. That was when she realized that she would never have a woman’s body.

Her mother stayed with her until 1793 when she was called away on clan matters. She did see her mother many times over the next several hundred years when they returned to Alamut to witness the embrace of clan mates.

In 1820, Lucy got word that her mother had been betrayed while fulfilling a contract in England. She traveled there to avenge her mother, and went after the Ventrue primogen of Birmingham, England. A group of hunters aided by the primogen and his childer nearly killed her, but Stuart Williams came to her rescue. He helped her wreak her vengeance on the primogen and his childer, and from that day forth she pledged her allegiance to him.

Lucy had been throughout Europe, and spent some time in France and Spain before traveling to the New World in 1865. She spent 30 years in Mexico, then traveled through the western American territories and states. She lived in San Francisco from 1943 through 1962, then in Houston until 1974 when Stuart contacted her and asked her to come to Flint. She agreed, and has been the scourge there ever since.

Living in one place under many different aliases wasn’t a problem for Lucy until she realized that she was in love with the Gangrel primogen of Fling, Griffin Van Vleet. In every persona she became friends with him, but she felt she could never reveal her true countenance. Then one night while saving Griffin from a bullet her façade slipped and he knew that she would forever be a child. Instead of the pity she’d expected, Lucy found acceptance, but it had come too late. Griffin had fallen in love with another.