Stephen Brennan - Stargazer

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Great Gaia, Almighty One, Leader of Heaven's Host;
I sing unto you of your glory and to the spirits.
Almighty, grant me stealth to elude my enemies
And the honor to do so intelligently.
Almighty, grant me knowledge of survival,
That no harsh elements keep me from bringing glory to your name.
Almighty, grant me empathy,
That I may know the humans I shepherd in your name, and let me guide them wisely.
My inner self is calm, watching over the boiling cauldron of my rage.
Almighty, grant me the focus and peace of mind
To reach the calm and quiet of my thoughts.
We are all Warriors of the Almighty,
But I repent my lack of skill in following my moon.
I must strive harder to be the judge that I was born to be.
Strengthen then my connection to the umbra,
That I may better enter the realm of your servants.
Almighty, grant me the Gift of Spirit Speech,
That I may speak with the wind and divine the path I must tread.
Almighty, grant me the Gift of Gaia's Truth,
That I might judge those who speak with the Wyrm's tongue,
And recognize their lies for what they are:
A supplication to be judged by you, the Almighty.
Raise a paean to the spirits of the deeds done in your name.
For the Wisdom, Honor, and Glory of the Almighty.