Stephen Brennan - Stargazer

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"Give me a sign this is day.
Give me some patience, so I pray."

Korn - B.B.K.
Stephen was born Metis from a Black Fury mother and a Stargazer father. He was especially close to his Uncle Mac, and was devastated when he disappeared.

When he reached puberty, his family sent him to a Monastery where he studied to become a priest. Years later when his father was killed, Stephen went looking for his uncle. He eventually found him in Las Vegas, and followed him to an alternate world where he found Shannon O’Neil, a childhood friend that had been missing for years. After rescuing Lena Stockton from harms way, the group returned to their own reality.

Nights later Stephen found himself with his uncle in Salem where the Sabbat were trying to take over the city. Nearly beside himself with rage over the actions of the evil vampires, Stephen helped rid the city of their foul presence. He was also able to help a young werewolf get out from under the blood bond of one of the city’s Kindred and identify his Uncle Mac’s lost love.

Stephen was happy to perform the wedding ceremony for Jason and Christina Kline, as well as the christening for Lena’s son Christopher. Afterward he returned to his duties of searching out those Garou who needed his aide.

He was called back to Ireland a year later to perform the Eulogy for his uncle Cormac. To everyone’s surprise, three months later both his uncle and his father Angus returned from the dead.