Anne Richardson - Defender

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"Defend Those Who Cannot See"

The Messengers
Anne was born and raised in Helena by parents who loved each other a great deal, maybe too much. When her father died, her mother was heartbroken and withdrew from Anne and her sister Michelle. Anne took on more and more of the responsibilities in the house, making sure Michelle got to school and had everything she needed.

Matt Richardson was a professorís assistant in one of Anneís college classes, and they fell for each other right away. He waited until she passed the class before he asked her out, and they began dating rather seriously. They were married after he received his masterís degree.

Anne felt strongly for Mattís family, and did her best to help him raise the younger children. While she and Matt wanted children of their own, but it just wasnít in the cards. They agreed that making sure his siblings got through college was important, so they helped first Jacob then David out as much as they could afford to.

Several months ago Matthew started acting strangely, first trying to convince Anne that all the evil creatures from mythology were real, then spending more and more time away from home or locked in one of the rooms in the basement. He didnít seem to want to talk about it and Anne tried not to push him, but she was worried about her husband.

Then one day Anne got the worst kind of visit at work from the police. Matt had been hiking on the mountain and had been killed by what they thought was a mountain lion. The next few days were the hardest of Anneís life, but somehow she managed to get through them.

When a run in with zombies at Mattís funeral imbued Anne, Mattís brothers, and a few close friends of the family, they immediately began investigating Mattís death. Eventually they learned that Matt had been betrayed by someone he trusted and killed by a werewolf. Fortunately Anne was able to kill the man who had betrayed her husband.