Beth Anderson - Redeemer

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"Show Them the Error of Their Ways"

The Messengers
Beth’s parents divorced when she was four, mainly because of her older brother Toby. No one really knows what happened, but when he was five and Beth was three he was diagnosed as developmentally disabled. He lives in the Helena Psychiatric Hospital, and Beth makes sure she takes him from the hospital at least once a week for lunch.

Anne has been Beth’s best friend since high school. They went to College together and stayed close over the years. Beth has an Associates degree in business from Caroll College, and works at the Country Market with Jacob, her live in lover.

Beth met Jacob at Anne’s wedding and a few other times over the years, but he was married and Beth had other interests at the time. After Jacob’s marriage started taking a nosedive, he and Beth became friends. They would talk a lot at the store and once in a while he’d come by her apartment after work to talk.

It was kind of inevitable that they would fall in love, but it wasn’t until they ended up sleeping together that they discovered their mutual affection. Jacob moved out of his home and into her apartment.

A zombie attack at Matt’s funeral spurred his family and friends into investigating his death. Together they were able to determine who killed him and why, and avenge him.