David Richardson - Judge

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"Raise the Arm of Justice"

The Messengers
David’s parents died when he was nine and his older brother Matt is the father he remembers best. Matt took care of David and his siblings, Jacob and Abra. David always felt close to his family, and liked to hunt with his brothers and Tony, a friend from high school.

When David started college he moved out on his own and lived not far from Jacob and Beth. Matthew and Anne helped him out as much as they could financially, and he also worked at KISS, a local computer store. He joined the National Guard and met Libby through his recruitment officer. He knew from the moment they met that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

One afternoon in class David looked up to see Jacob standing in the doorway, a very serious look on his face. Matt was dead, killed by what the police thought was a mountain lion.

After an incident with zombies at Matt’s funeral, David worked with his family and friends to find out what had really happened to Matt. It took a little work, but they eventually learned that a werewolf had killed him. David was devastated at the news, as he'd believed the werewolf innocent. Once they’d seen to it that Matt’s death was avenged, David went home, wrote a note to his girlfriend Libby, and killed himself.