Jacob Richardson - Martyr

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"Death Rides a Pale Horse"

The Messengers
Jacob’s younger years were almost perfect. His parents were loving and kind, and he had normal, average relationships with his two brothers, Matthew and David, and their young sister Abra. Everything changed when he was thirteen their parents died. Matt, the oldest, moved back home and took over caring for the rest of the family. Matt turned out to be the best friend Jacob ever had.

Donna and Jacob were high school sweethearts and they were married just after they started college. For some reason none of the family really liked her, and over the years Jacob grew apart from his family. Then Jacob came home one day to find Donna in their bed with another man. Still, Jacob tried to make things work for their children’s sake, but Donna simply wasn’t interested. He began spending a lot of time with his family, hunting with his brothers and their friends.

Jacob met Beth at Matt’s wedding. Anne and Beth were best friends and both of them quickly became part of the family. After college Beth ended up working at the same grocery store that Jacob was the assistant manager of.

One night after a particularly vicious argument with Donna, Jacob went out and got drunk at a local bar. Beth happened to be there and they talked half the night. Their friendship deepened and they started spending more and more time together, both at work and at her apartment where they would watch movies or play cards.

It was inevitable that they would eventually sleep together. Jacob had come to love Beth over the last few months and since Donna wasn’t interested in keeping their marriage together, he moved in with Beth. It was hard to leave his kids, but he knew that Donna was a good mother and it would do them more harm than good if he took them away from her.

When Matt started acting crazy, no one in the family knew what to do. Jacob tried to talk to him about it, but Matt kept insisting that Jacob had blinders on and that his had fallen away. Then one day Anne called Jacob at work, hysterical. It took him a little while but he finally understood that Matt was dead. According to the police he’d been killed by a mountain lion, but a part of Jacob wondered if the monsters Matt believed so strongly in had finally gotten to him.

Meeting zombies and a werewolf at his brother’s funeral convinced Jacob that Matt had been right about the monsters. After investigating the matter with his family and friends, Jacob learned that another hunter had betrayed Matt and he’d been killed by a werewolf. Jacob and David killed the werewolf, but the vengeance wasn’t enough for David. Now Jacob is the only one left to take care of the family.