Maggie Lion - Innocent

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"It Can Be Saved"

The Messengers
Maggie’s family was poor, but somehow they always managed to get by. Her mom made most of her clothes but her dad never seemed to be around. When she was fourteen Maggie found out that her dad was having an affair. She wanted to tell her mom about it, but she knew that it would destroy her.

When Maggie was seventeen she met Louis. He seemed really nice at first, and she fell in love with him. It wasn’t until months later that Maggie realized he had driven away all of her friends with his possessiveness. She tried to get away from him a few times, but Maggie was really afraid of him. He got a job in Helena and she moved there with him only because he threatened to hurt her family if she didn’t. He swore that he’d change and Maggie kept trying to believe him. She thought that everyone should be given the opportunity to change, even Louis.

She was almost nineteen when Maggie learned that she had a younger half sister. Judy introduced herself on the street, and it really floored Maggie that her sister spent more time with their father than Maggie ever had.

Even though Maggie always tried to be really careful, four years ago she got pregnant. At first Louis was happy, but when he realized how much of a hassle the baby was, he got worse than ever. Eventually Maggie realized that she couldn’t give him the help he needed. She made him move out and got a restraining order, but he still tries to get her to take him back.

Maggie is very protective of her daughter Samantha. She is a very sweet girl, but she’s shy around most men, although she does like Tony, the apartment building manager.

After her imbuing, Maggie helped the Richardsons investigate what happened to Matthew. She was shocked to learn that her sister was a hunter as well, but was able to help Judy through the death of her lover.