Matt Richardson - Hermit

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"It Feeds on Life"

The Messengers
Matthew was the oldest of four children, always very serious and responsible, almost too much so. His parents worried about that and tried to encourage him to have fun in life, to get out more. He went to college and just when he was starting to learn there was more to life than responsibility, his parents died.

Of course Matt moved back home and took over the raising of his siblings. It was hard for a man alone, but he did his best. Eventually he met Anne and after they were married she helped him shoulder his responsibility. Matt became a professor at the local college, and used the money their parentís left him and part of his salary to help first Jacob then David with their college tuition.

Matt thought he lived the perfect life until one night he was walking to his car from the campus. He came across a creature drinking blood from a young coed, and while there was nothing he could do for the girl, he knew he couldnít allow monster to live. With help from Judy Westland, he was able to destroy the vampire in a nearby house.

It was hard for Matt to live a double life. At first he tried to convince his wife and brothers that there really were creatures from legend roaming the streets, but they didnít believe him. He concentrated on fighting the demons with help from hunters he soon came into contact with. He hated that hunting took time away from his family, but he knew the battle had to be fought.

What bothered him more than killing monsters was watching other hunters take the slide into darkness. He argued frequently with several in the group about the ethics of using one kind of monster against another, but for the most part his words went unheeded.

One afternoon Matt and another hunter went up on a mountain outside of Helena to pursue a werewolf. Only one body was found, and through dental records the remains were identified as Mattís.