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"Seek the Truth"

The Messengers
Tony’s parents fought constantly the entire time he was growing up and he hated it. He did everything he could to get away from the house, including getting into trouble with the law. Tony got caught at a lot of things, including fighting and drugs, but it was stealing a car that sent him to a juvenile facility for six months. It changed his life for the better, made him think about where he wanted to be in ten years, in thirty years.

When he got home Tony was determined to turn his life around. Living in Billings just wasn’t working because no one would give him another chance. His parents moved to Helena and it was much better being somewhere that no one knew his past.

Tony’s parents are still together and still fight constantly. His father is a shop worker, and his mother stays home to take care of his younger sister Dawn. Tony spends as much time with her as he can to try and make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes he did.

In high school Tony discovered computers and he sees them as a way to make something of his life. He found an apartment building that needed a manager and talked himself into the position. Between the reduced rent and his job at KISS (Keep It Simple Systems) a computer firm, he manages to have some money left over to help his sister get things he never had as a child. Tony would like to find a way to take more than one class a semester, but he just can’t afford it.

Tony met Abra six months ago through Jacob. She came on pretty strong for a teenaged girl and Tony fell for her hard. Yeah, she was a little young for him, but he knew he could keep everything on track until she was old enough to know her own mind. Everything was going real well until she broke up with him. Now she barely speaks to him and she’s looking a little sick and Tony’s worried about her. He’s heard that she’s moved on to someone else, someone that her family doesn’t know about and wouldn’t approve of.

When Tony moved into the apartments he now manages, Maggie was living with a very abusive boyfriend. He tried to talk to her about it a few times when Louis wasn’t around, but she begged him not to interfere. When she finally kicked the bum out, Tony stepped in to make sure Louis stayed gone. He’s helped her out in any way she’s needed, including spending time with her daughter Samantha.

Tony really likes kids in general, but Samantha has become important to him. She is a sweet little girl, but she doesn’t trust most men at all. For some reason, she trusts Tony and he spends as much time with her as he can.

A few months ago Tony noticed that Matt was behaving differently. He was gone from a lot of family functions and when Tony did see him, he was very much on edge, almost as if he were expecting an attack from something. Then he was killed on the mountain by a wild animal.

At Matt’s funeral Tony was imbued with the others, and together they investigated what happened to Matthew. When they finally learned the truth, Tony was with the brothers when they destroyed the werewolf who had killed Matt.