Cormac Brennan - Sorcerer

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“Knowledge is power.”

Francis Bacon
Mac was born in 1946 the second of three sons to his parents in Galway Ireland. Because the Werewolf gene ran through his family, his younger brother Angus was Garou, but everyone else including his younger sister Siofra was a Dreamspeaker. The family was very militant in the Technocracy war, and due to an unfortunate incident where many innocent lives were lost, Mac decided to leave Ireland and go to America. It wasn’t fate, really it wasn’t.

His father directed him to Baltimore where Glenn Johnson, another Dreamspeaker, lived. He met Eliza Gentry and was instantly smitten. It took him some time to convince her that they were meant to be together, but once he did they became very close. They hunted vampires and eventually moved in together. He even asked her to marry him.

The night before he was going to take her to meet his family, fate reared its ugly head and the Kindred of Baltimore raided their apartment. Mac thought he saw Eliza die and rather than live without her, he accepted Dougal Galloway’s offer to make him forget the agony of losing her. He woke in the back of a car in Washington D.C. with no memories of his mortal life.

He spent the next fifteen years traveling the world with Dougal, his sire, mentor and best friend. Dougal told him that he’d forgotten his life because there was something in his past that was too horrible to remember so Cormac never tried to regain his memories. Eventually he settled down in LA while Dougal continued to travel. After some time had passed, he realized that his sire had disappeared, and he feared Dougal had met final death.

Antonio Moreno sent Cormac and his friend Nina Rodriguez to Las Vegas for training, where they met Christina Strong during an investigation into a series of murders. They were looking for clues when Stephen Brennan showed up and introduced himself as Cormac’s nephew. Once the rogue Gangrel was toast, Cormac decided he needed to learn about his past.

Before he could check into his history, Graves, the prince of LA, sent him and Nina with Jason Kline to the Holding where they and Christina journeyed to Ramadan in search of Lena Stockton. Stephen joined them there and once the maiden was rescued, Antonio asked Cormac and Nina to follow Christina to Salem and make sure she was safe, what with the Sabbat invasion in process there.

The Sabbat pack sent Cormac and a few others into another alternate reality where Mac had never been embraced. He met Eliza, his wife in that reality, which made him even more curious about his mortal life. When he returned to our reality, Stephen led him to his Eliza. To say that she was stunned to see him is an extreme understatement.

After they saved Corrine Wright, his newfound daughter, from the Sabbat, Eliza reluctantly agreed to accompany Cormac on his quest for his memory and Dougal’s Grimoire, which Cormac believed held the key to his memories. Just before they left, he discovered that Eliza was truly the key to his past, and that Christina was also Dougal's childe.

Once more it took Mac some time to convince Eliza that they belonged together. As the nights passed and he remembered how much he loved Eliza, she had to admit that she still loved him too. They followed Dougal’s trail to Nashville where Mac destroyed his sire’s murderer. They also ran into Glenn and Bobby Lonetree who were living there hunting vampires. Siofra was there too, married to Glenn. When Corrine was taken to Galway to escape Kate Hepburn’s evil plot, Mac was reunited with his family.

Knowing that Eliza couldn’t last for much longer in her blood contract with the Tremere, he was able to convince her to renegotiate it and become his ghoul. He relocated to Salem, where they spent as much time as they could together and with their daughter.

Cormac was killed in a battle with a demon. It took him a few minutes to realize he was dead, but once he did he stuck close to Eliza for as long as he could. He hated seeing her mourn over him, but there was nothing he could do. Eventually he was pulled away by something he didn’t understand.

It turned out that twenty years ago Siofra, worried about her brothers, performed a spell to bring them back if they ever died. Unfortunately it didn’t work the way she intended, and once both Cormac and Angus were dead, they were brought together. After a bit of investigation, they discovered the way back. Clawing their ways out of their coffins, they found themselves alive once more.

Siofra brought Eliza back to Ireland where she and Cormac were reunited. No longer Kindred, or a Mage, Cormac must learn how to make his way in the world once more, this time as a mere mortal. He and Eliza make their home on a small island off the coast of Virginia, and were married in October of 2001.

Now Mac is a Sheriff on Hog Island, and together he and Eliza are raising their twins. A small bargain with fate made the children grow quickly, and it's Mac's job to make sure they're ready when the time comes for them to take over the family farm. There's more to his Destiny, but so far only his son-in-law Joel Fenian and the fates seems to know what it is.