Corrine Fenian - Dreamspeaker

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“All five horizons revolved around her soul
As the earth to the sun.”

Pearl Jam - Black
Corrine was adopted by an older couple in Bar Harbor, Maine. She grew up loved with Eliza to watch over her, completely unaware that Eliza was in fact her birth mother. When Corrine was ten Eliza left Bar Harbor, and her abandonment made the child act out. It took a trip to New York and a heart to heart with Eliza to bring Corrine back to the straight and narrow.

After high school, Corrine moved to Salem and began attending Boston University where she is majoring in Psychology. A recent vampire attack at Mother Abigail's Home for Troubled Teens where she volunteers forced her Awakening. It was only through Cormac Brennan's intervention that she was not killed.

Corrine was happy to see Eliza interested in Cormac. She felt that Eliza should pick up her relationship with her ex-lover and finally have a life of her own. What Corrine didn’t realize was that Eliza’s mother hated Cormac and was willing to use Corrine as a lever to make Eliza fall into line.

After learning that Eliza and Cormac were her birth parents, Corrine spent a week in Ireland with her paternal grandparents. Jared, a local Dreamspeaker and old friend of her birth father, has become Corrine’s mentor. She has made friends with Samantha, who Awakened during the same incident at Mother Abigail's.

During the next year, Corrine learned a lot about magic and her father's family. She was devastated when Mac died, knowing that Eliza would have to leave Salem or be forced to stay with the Tremere. After Eliza chose to disappear, the Salem Tremere began a campaign to force Corrine into revealing where she went. It made life difficult, but she was determined to stay in Salem.

Shortly after Mac returned from the dead, a shared dream of Joel Fenian sent Corrine and her family into an alternate reality to find the man who would help Mac fulfill his destiny. As it turned out, Joel was also Corrine's destiny. They were married shortly after Corrine realized she could no longer remain in Salem, and now live on Hog Island very close to her parents.

Corrine was very interested in having a child, but despite her efforts had difficulty getting pregnant. When the island was invaded by vampires and a Changeling on the run, she learned that the Changeling had stolen Joel’s fertility and it was hidden in Arcadia. It took some effort to return it to him and in the process, Eliza was injured, which reawakened the Demon blood everyone had thought was purged from her system.

In order to save her mother, Corrine travelled to an alternate reality and ended up in the body of her child self in that world. She spent years researching what needed to be done to heal Eliza, and returned to her world on the same day she’d left it with the knowledge of how to cure her.

Now all she needs to do is find a way that her husband can survive the future beyond Mac’s fulfilling of his own destiny. She knows she needs a lion, a witch and a blade, but only time will tell if she will succeed.