Eliza Brennan - Dhampyr

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"Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you"

Garbage – I Think I'm Paranoid
Eliza was born in 1951 to a 15th generation Tremere named Kate Hepburn. Kate gave the baby to her ghoul, Linda Gentry, to raise. Her childhood was a harsh one she’d rather forget, and when she was seventeen she ran away.

She spent the next ten years running from city to city making sure that she stayed at least one step away from Kate and any other vampire who tried to get close to her. Unfortunately, due to the attractive properties of her blood they often sought her out, and not in a good way.

By the time she met Mac Brennan in Baltimore she hated vamps and had hunted them more than once. It was love at first sight between them, but Eliza knew better than to think that she would be anything but trouble for the young mage. Eventually he convinced Eliza to give their relationship a try. A year later, her fears were realized when vampires killed or embraced most of the hunters in Baltimore, including Mac.

Thinking Mac was dead and finding herself alone and pregnant, Eliza gave their child to the Wrights who allowed her to have a hand in raising Corrine. For ten years she watched over the girl and killed every vamp that dared enter Bar Harbor.

The Tremere blackmail Eliza into joining the Society of Leopold to spy for them. She made them pay handsomely for her services, and put every dime she could into a trust fund for Corrine. Eventually she was stationed in Salem where Corrine had moved to attend Boston College.

After a Sabbat attack on the club she was working at, Eliza looked up to see Mac standing in front of her. Unfortunately he wasn’t the man she’d known and loved, he was Tremere and had been since the raids in Baltimore. Eliza was reluctant to enter into a relationship with the new and improved Cormac Brennan, but he convinced her to help him regain his memories. As the nights passed, Mac remembered how much he loved Eliza, and she had to admit she still loved him too, even if he was a blood-sucking fiend. After no little difficulties, Mac was able to convince her that they were meant to be together. He renegotiated her contract with the Tremere and she agreed to become his ghoul.

She had just gotten adjusted to life as a ghoul when Cormac was killed fighting a demon. She took his death very hard, and retreated to an island off the coast of Virginia until one night Siofra came to bring her to Ireland. Mac had somehow returned from the dead, mortal. Finally they have hopes of living a normal life. She and Mac make their home on a small island off the coast of Virginia, and were married in October of 2001.

Now Mac works as a sheriff on their small island while Eliza busies herself raising their twins. Due to a bargain with fate, Rowan and Riley have aged 12 years in the 3 since they've been born, and it's up to Mac to prepare them to take over the Brennan farm in Galway.