Nik Fenian - Sorcerer

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“It is a fool’s prerogative to utter truths that no one will speak.”

Dream – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
As long as he can remember, Nik has lived a life steeped in Magick. His father is a powerful sorcerer, who spent many years traveling to other worlds exploring and learning more about magick than any other sorcerer in their family. His mother is an unseelie sidhe, a changeling who is so irresponsible that at times Nik feels like he is the parent.

Nik loves his mother, but he has learned over the years that he cannot trust her, or her friends. That doesn't stop him from visiting her in Dublin every other weekend, nor does it stop him from wishing she were a bit more responsible than she is.

The Fenian family home, north of Dublin, has been one of Nik's favorite places ever since he can remember. He has spend a great deal of time staying with his father's family over the years, though now that Joel has married Corrine, they all call Hog Island their home, and he has made many friends there.

When Nik turned 11, he was able to follow in his father's footsteps and make a bargain with the spirits for power. He is able to learn and use magick only if he speaks only the truth between sunset and sunrise.

On their first family trip to another reality, Nik and Corrine were attacked by a group of magi. One of them showed Nik a vision of the future, a vision that has haunted Nik ever since. He saw a woman that he loved more than life itself, and he saw himself leaving her to save another. Nik has vowed this vision will never come true.

Though in reality he is twelve years older than the Brennan twins, Riley and Rowan, due to their rapid aging, the world believes there is only two years between them. Now that the twins have come into their power, the three of them are becoming quite close.