Rowan Brennan - Fianna

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I have pledged myself to your side come fire or storm or darkness or death.

Babylon 5: Atonement
Mac and Eliza Brennan made a deal with the Fates to ensure that his father would live long enough for their son to take over protecting the Brennan farm, as he was destined to do. In exchange, the Fates would ensure that Riley was ready to take over the farm years earlier than he could otherwise be able to do.

The Brennan twins lived their first twelve years inside of thirty-six months. Somehow the Fates managed to change everyone's memories of their lives as they aged, and they arranged for teachers for both of the children. Rowan joined the Bayford pack and spends time learning from Kevin Ramsey, while her brother spends time with the Cedar View Chantry.

All too soon the twins were ready to become what Destiny had decreed they would be. During a trip to a carnival in Ireland, the Fates stepped in again, sent them to a place where Riley would Awaken, where Rowan would have her first Change. Accompanied by Castor and Pollux, their guides, the children faced their first fight alone, and Became.

Knowing how important Riley is to the Brennan legacy, Rowan does her best to watch his back, and to learn everything she can about her gifts.