Riley and Rowan Brennan

Riley Brennan | Rowan Brennan
A Place of Our Own

The Brennan Twins: A Place of Our Own

The Brennan twins are growing quickly, an soon they will come into their power. The Fates know they need to find someone to teach them what they need to know to fulfill their destiny.

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A Place of Our Own

Characters in the Story

Child Shaped Mystical Guide Thingy Tamara Marks - Dreamspeaker Cormac Brennan - Sorcerer Gwrhyr - Wolf Shaped Mystical Guide Thingy Kevin 'Howls-at-Death' Ramsey - Silver Fang Eliza Brennan - Dhampyr Glenn Johnson - Dreamspeaker Jess Sexton - Dreamspeaker Ruth Cohen - Verbena Alan Gaines - Verbena Lacey Bowen - Dreamspeaker Victor Gutierrez - Dreamspeaker Angus Brennan - Stargazer Sam 'Why-ask-Why' Montgomery - Child of Gaia Hannah 'East-of-Sunrise' Malone - Child of Gaia Darin 'Blood-Stains-Silk' Barlow - Glasswalker Sadie 'Moonlight-on-Water' Ballard Nikki 'Falls-like-Rain' Petrica - Stargazer

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Note: Some fiction contains explicit content and is not meant for children under the age of seventeen.