Christina Strong - Tremere

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"No room left to move in between you and I
We forgot where we were and we lost track of time"

Santana - Into The Night
Christina awoke late one night on a street in Las Vegas and was quickly adopted by Antonio Moreno. He saw to her induction into the Tremere Clan and watched over her like a father. She became close friends with Estrea Moreno (no relation) and Luke Thomas, spending many hours hunting the streets of Las Vegas with them.

Eventually, Christina met Jason Kline, an ex-priest who was a master of disguise. Accompanying him on a mission for his Domitor, Christina was devastated when Jason was kidnapped by a mage she called Chaos. On a desperate search for the man she loved, she met Lady Lena Stockton and was reunited with Luke.

When they finally found Jason on the streets of San Francisco, he had been embraced Nosferatu. Jason denied his feelings for Christina and left with his ex-domitor and good friend Talon Graves. Christina returned to Vegas and buried her heartache in Luke's arms.

Two years later, Luke realized that Christina still loved Jason and walked out. Hearing that Lady Stockton had been kidnapped, Christina returned to the Holding to investigate. She had difficulty hiding her feelings when Jason showed up with Cormac Brennan and Nina Rodriguez. Together they traveled to an alternate dimension called Ramadan to rescue Lena.

While in Ramadan, Christina met Frasier O'Connell and fed him her blood, hoping that a new ghoul would help her get past her feelings for Jason, who was still very distant emotionally. Once they returned to the real world with Lena and her baby, Christina fled to Salem where she hoped to recover from a partial blood bond to Luke Thomas.

Jason followed her to Salem, and they were married shortly thereafter. They lived a year of peace and happiness in Salem, until Christina's ex-mentor and now nemesis Malcolm Robbins called upon her to save the Verbena magic. Unable to resist a noble cause, Christina disappeared.

Christina woke on the streets of Detroit with Petor Andrews standing over her. She had no memories of her life, and believed her name was Tina Andrews. Madelynne Walker found them moments later and took them in. Because she woke with claws on her left hand and seems to fit in well with Madelynne’s pack, Tina believed that she was Gangrel. Given the arsenal she was carrying, Tina believed she was running from someone, and since Chaos had told Petor they’d be safe in Detroit, logic suggested they were not safe wherever Tina was from.

Jason, Brenda, Frasier and several other Salem came to Detroit looking for her, but Tina refused to believe them. While they had proved her name was Christina Kline, Tina did not feel she was the other woman, and entered into an affair with Scott Murphy. Although she struggled to find a place within the Gangrel pack, she was forced to return to the Tremere clan, but not before she had driven Jason away.

Malcolm returned to Detroit long enough to kill Rafe Brown and kidnap Petor. Tina killed Malcolm just as he put her into Torpor. After two months she woke starving and killed Petor, who had never left her side. For months it was difficult for Christina to assimilate her memories. Eventually she was able to get a hold on things and realized that she wanted nothing more than to be with Jason. She risked death to visit him in LA and convince him she was sincere in wanting to reconcile.

Christina eventually moved to Las Vegas to be closer to Antonio so he could help her recover her balance. Vegas was also closer to Jason and for a time he visited her when his schedule permitted. Eventually they decided that as close as Vegas was to LA, it wasn't close enough.

Jason received permission from Graves for Christina to move to town, and Michael opened his home to the happy couple. Christina still has a long way to go to prove herself to the prince and many others in LA, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to make things work with Jason.