Emma Hughes - Toreador

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“Wild when the waves start to break
And God knows they're breaking in me now”

Poe - Wild
Emma Hughes was born in 1930 in the Detroit area to a upper class family. Her father was a lawyer whom she greatly admired. She knew that when she grew up she wanted to be a lawyer too, but she also knew there would be a few obstacles to overcome as it was not typical for a young woman to be a lawyer in those times.

When she was old enough, Emma worked in her father's office as a secretary and read all the books she could get her hands on. In 1948 she graduated from high school and went to college, even though she was told she didn't belong there because she was a woman. Still, she persevered and she eventually received her law degree in 1956, graduating with honors. She went to work with her dad in his firm.

During this time a Toreador named Benjamin began watching her. He was mesmerized by her beauty and he would paint and draw her picture while watching her through the window while she worked at night. Emma found out about him one night while having coffee in a late night diner. He approached her asking if he could join her and she agreed. They talked for a while and she left. By then Benjamin was even more enthralled by her and knew that he wanted to keep her young and beautiful forever.

They met on occasion at the same diner and talked for hours. One night after coffee he offered to walk her home, but she never made it there. About halfway home he leaned in to kiss her, or so she thought. Later she woke up in his apartment and this time he did kiss her. He explained that she was a vampire now and helped her to understand exactly what that meant.

Being a vampire she couldn’t remain in the city near her family. Ben offered to take her to LA where he had friends that could help them and where she could start her own law firm. This sounded great to her, she had always wanted to have her own firm. They moved to LA and he taught her all he knew and have remained together ever since.

She and Ben were among the few survivors that made it through the Brujah attack on the city in 1999 and were part of the rebuilding of the city. Unfortunately, she did not survive the beginning of the Yakusa war in 2003.