Estrea Moreno - Caitiff

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“Who calls this child to walk on her own?
Who leads her down this treacherous road?”

Selena with David Burn - God's Child
Estrea woke in Madrid at the dawn of the twentieth century with complete amnesia. She met Antonio on one of his trips to the city and he adopted her as his own. She traveled with him to America and lived with him in Las Vegas for ten years.

When the Ventrue Primogen of Los Angeles offered to take over her training, she accepted and moved to that city. In 1936 she met Douglas, a Brujah, with whom she had a torrid love affair. When America entered World War II, he went to Germany to fight and was killed in battle.

Luke Thomas arrived in LA during 1978 and saved her from a gunfight where she had been badly outnumbered. They went out drinking afterwards and became close friends. During one of their frequent trips to Las Vegas they met Christina.

When the Ventrue Primogen became involved in an evil plot, she allowed Michael to kill him. After that, she decided not to return to LA and moved to San Francisco instead. It was much safer that way. For her.

Two years later Estrea stopped to help a couple of mortals who had been badly outnumbered in a fight. She was able to save the girl’s life, but the man was too far gone. Feeling guilty for Logan, Estrea put her up in a hotel. After Logan witnessed a Kindred squabble, Estrea offered to ghoul her. Logan accepted a little too readily.

Estrea ran into Talon Graves at Christina’s wedding to Jason Strong. Being prince of LA, Talon was able to assure Estrea she could safely return to the city. She and Logan did so in time to help Talon thwart a take over attempt.

After the dust had settled from the last battle and Talon had fallen into torpor from his wounds, Estrea began to work with Vinnie, the cities’ Malkavian Primogen, to keep things in order until Talon had time to heal himself and take over again.

In the days that followed when they were struggling to hold the city together and locate any survivors, Estrea learned that Logan hadn’t returned to San Francisco as she had been ordered. She now considers the girl a runaway and will do what she can to find her again, while keeping the knowledge that she’s bolted a secret. She is hurt by the girl’s betrayal of her generosity and will spare no mercy when she is found.