Frasier O'Connell - Tremere Ghoul

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"We stand and we won't fall
We're one and one for all"

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
Frasier was born and raised in Ramadan, an alternate reality where things are very much different than our world. He is a quick learner and has mastered several languages, including Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian, and h can read hieroglyphics like nobody's business. However his real passion is weapons, specifically firearms.

Following his mother’s advice, Frasier joined the Brotherhood of Everlasting Peace and lived in one of their monasteries for many years before realizing that they were a little "out there." He left the order and joined the military where he became involved with several archeological digs as part of the security staff.

When he met Christina, Frasier was involved in weapons development course at Brookemar University. The stories she told of her life and world appealed to his sense of adventure and he agreed to become her ghoul and return with her to our world.

Frasier was more than ready to begin a romantic relationship with Christina, however there was the slight matter of her love for her husband Jason. He had hoped that she would come to her senses and see that the guy wasn’t right for her, but instead she went and married him. And as much as he came to like Jason, there was always the hope in the back of his mind that Jason would be killed on one of Christina’s quests. Frasier would have been there for her, of course, ready to step in and comfort the grieving widow.

Christina disappeared one night from her bedroom in Salem and turned up in Detroit not remembering her past and thinking she was Gangrel. That doesn’t matter so much to Frasier, as long as he can watch over her he doesn’t care who she thinks she is. Of course it was hard for him to sit back and watch her Kindred family blow things with her, but Tina didn't really need her family. In fact, Tina not remembering Jason was even better than a grieving widow on his hands… or it could have been. Even after she forgot everything and rebuilt a life in Detroit, she still couldn't look past a Gangrel guy and see him for what he was.

Still, Detroit seemed more exciting than Salem, and there was the matter of Nancy, the sweet Toreador who had been giving Frasier all the attention Tina was too busy to give him. Of course, just when things started looking up, Tina went and changed her mind about going back to the Tremere. While Frasier was happy to spend time with his friend Rafe Brown, he was pretty sure Tina was gonna screw up again, somehow.

And Frasier was right. Lord Malcolm returned and though Tina killed him she went into a deep coma. When she woke, Tina was Christina once more, but not entirely whole. In a frenzy she killed Petor, which unbalanced her mind. Now that they're living in Las Vegas, Frasier is determined to make sure Christina stays safe and sound, even if he has to kill her himself.

They returned to Salem where Christina was able to regain her equilibrium, then to Las Vegas where they both struggled to make sense of their new lives. When Jason asked Christina to move in with him in LA, Frasier was more than happy to go along, knowing that the danger of the new city would be enough to keep his adrenaline flowing.