Jason Kline - Gangrel

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“Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise”

Kid Rock – Lonely Road of Faith
Jason Kline was raised to be a priest in a monastery in Italy by members of the Society of Leopold. When a crazed vampire attacked the church he was saved only when Talon Graves rescued him. After taking his vows, he lived at the Holding with Lena Stockton where he was the parish priest and good friends with the local Garou.

Talon contacted Jason and after several months he convinced the priest to leave the holding and come to ‘work’ for him. Without telling Lena that Talon was still... alive, Jason traveled to America and became his friend’s ghoul. Jason learned how to use disguises and electronics to do what Talon needed to be done. Through all of this, Jason’s faith in God never left him.

A fateful mission to San Francisco changed Jason’s life and his priorities. He was able to keep Christina Strong from harm and the two became very close, spending a lot of time together until Jason was abducted in Italy by a vengeful mage. The mage tortured Jason, looking for a crystal that Talon had wanted delivered to the Holding in Austria. Jason refused to betray his domitor and in the end the mage made sure he was embraced Nosferatu.

His faith gone, believing that God had forsaken him and that his life was basically over, Jason went into hiding. He completely rejected Christina thinking that it was for her own good, even though it nearly killed him to see her with Luke Thomas. He spent two years learning about his clan disciplines from Daedelus in San Francisco and spying on Christina in Las Vegas.

When Brenda Thompson came to LA with the news that Lena had been kidnapped, Jason immediately flew to the Holding with Cormac Brennan and Nina Rodriguez. Although he never expected to find Christina there, seeing her again was the motivation he needed to come out of hiding and face being a blood-sucking fiend.

Before leaving the Holding, Jason went to the church and prayed. God took pity on him and changed things, although Jason is the only one who remembers the altered past. When God was finished with him, Jason was Gangrel instead of Nosferatu. He followed Christina to Salem where they were eventually able to work things out. They were married at the holding with all of their friends in attendance.

Things might have had a storybook ending if it weren’t for Christina’s habit of running off half cocked over her damned noble causes. She disappeared from her bedroom one night and turned up with amnesia in Detroit. Rather than fight for her love, he returned to Los Angeles with his new ghoul, leaving his wife in the arms of another man.

Her betrayal and his inability to deal with the competition drove him to change many things about his life, and he became a much different person than the one Tina rejected. Bitter and cynical, he lived only for the jobs that Graves sends him on until one night Christina visited him, her memories intact.

Jason and Christina were able to work through their difficulties and after she moved back to Las Vegas they began rebuilding their relationship. It took some time, but eventually they realized that living apart wasn't working for either of them. Jason talked Talon into letting Christina come into his city, and now they are living with Michael on his palatial estate.