Luke Thomas - Gangrel

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ďThatís all I wanted, something special
Something sacred in your eyes.Ē

George Michael - Father Figure
Luke Thomas was born the oldest of ten children to a mining family in Colorado. He went to work in the mines when he was 14 but the job didnít last long. Luke quickly became disillusioned with the conditions and pay that the men received for such hard work, and he wanted to make changes so he went back to school and finished getting his high school diploma. In his last year he met Amanda Lewis and they were married right out of high school.

Luke and Amanda spent several years traveling between Denver and their home town, working as liaisons between the Unions and the men in the mines. IN 1954, Amanda was killed in a car bomb by mine owners who didnít want Unions in their mines. Luke set out to get revenge and killed the man he suspected of engineering Amanda murder. Feeling responsible for the death of his wife and guilty over the death of the mine owner, Luke walked away from his old life.

After months of hiding in Denver, Luke met Ann Latham, who was a wonderful distraction from the horror of his wifeís death. He suspected there was something different about Ann, but didnít stop that from becoming close to her. Six months after they met, Ann embraced Luke in the heat of passion. She left him near dawn, and that was the last he saw her for several months.

It didnít take Luke long to get the hang of what he was. With his new found strength and abilities, he quickly realized he would be better able to help the unions and not be such an easy target. When Ann came back two months after his embrace, Luke thanked her, and they resumed their relationship, while she taught him all the things he couldnít learn on his own. Anne worked with Luke to advance the unions, but once all of the mines in Colorado had been unionized, Ann moved on.

Luke traveled for a while, roaming the western states and learning how to become a cat burglar. In the 1960s, Luke embraced a young man he thought showed great promise but a few years later the man was killed by a Lasombra in Seattle. Though not actively hunting the Kindred, Luke still keeps an eye open so that he can enact his revenge.

Luke came to LA in 1978. He took note of a Ventrue named Estrea and saved her when she was seriously outgunned at a gunfight. They went out drinking afterwards and became good friends. Estrea took Luke with her the next time she visited Las Vegas and they discovered a mutual enjoyment of gambling. Through Estreaís friendship with Antonio, Luke met Christina after Antonio adopted her. The three of them were fast friends, often perusing the casinos on the strip.

While Luke cared for Christina, he stepped back when Jason came into the picture. A few months later when Christina came to LA looking for Jason, Luke decided to help her and Lena find him. Her emotional distress drew the two of them closer together and he determined that he would do anything to help her find her Jason, even if he didnít want to be found. He didnít mean to partially blood bond her to him, it just kind of happened.

In Nashville Christina saved Lukeís life by giving him her blood, partially bonding him to her. When they finally found Jason and he walked away from Christina, she asked Luke to return to Las Vegas with her. He agreed and they lived together for two years. Knowing that he couldnít possibly care more for Christina than he already did, Luke willingly took the final two drinks of her blood needed to complete her bond over him.

When he finally realized that she would never get over Jason, Luke went looking for some way to convince him to return to Christina. Christina disappeared a few weeks later, followed shortly by Jason. Luke hoped that they would find each other, but he knew that he would be forever linked to a woman he can never have.

With no where else to go, Luke has returned to Los Angeles. Talon was still pissed for the way he'd left, but given the situation that the city was in, Luke knew that the Prince couldn't turn him away. An old Brujah hadtorn the crap out of the city and Talon needed every extra hand he could get.

So what if he had to step carefully for a while until Talon gots off his back? Luke was back with friends he hasnít seen in years and he hoped that they will be able to take his mind off Christina and the fact that he was blood bound to her, a fact that could only serve to get him in bigger trouble if the Tremere ever found out. He knew he needed to get on with his life and see what the fates had in store for him next.

A little over a year after Christina left him, Jason arrived in LA. It turned out that Jason didn't have what she needed after all. The two men eventually became something like friends.

When the Yakuza invaded LA in 2003, Luke met two mortals who intrigued him, and it wasnít just because one of them was having precognitive dreams about him. One evening when Scott was trying to gather more information about Carmonís visions, they all learned that they shared some sort of soul deep connection. It was only a matter of admitting it.

When the two humans were kidnapped by the Yakuza, Scott was nearly killed by the overzealous guards who were determined to keep the more dangerous of the two from working magic. Luke saved them, just as Carmen had foreseen, and so began their love affair.