Meg Carmichael - Ventrue

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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Theodore Roosevelt
Meg was born Cordelia Matthews and was raised in Pittsburgh in a very poor neighborhood. Her father was very abusive and often told stories of his brother who killed a girl he’d tried to ‘have fun’ with. Cordelia's father 'accidentally' killed her mother when she was ten, and she watched her older sister fall into drugs and sell herself to support her habit. Cordelia vowed she would never let that happen to her, and left as soon as she graduated high school. She planned to never talk to her family again.

She went to the California State University in Sacramento where she majored in marketing. She believed that Hiphop would hit big, and when she graduated she began trying to convince everyone else of that fact.

In January of 1996, Cordelia first Michael Moorecock in Las Vegas when he rescued her from Tony Cordelone in the lobby of Caesar’s palace. Michael helped her fund several bands, and convinced her to change her name to separate herself from her past. She kept up with Michael over the next few years, and he continued to invest in her music company.

Now Meg Carmichael moved to LA and would see Michael a lot when he was in town. One night they were in a bad section of town researching a band and they had to fight their way out. Michael was impressed with the way that she handled herself.

When Michael left LA in 1997, he kept in contact for the first year, but then he dropped out of sight. When he returned to LA in 1999 he was a much different man. She had no idea that he was a vampire until October of that year when he came to her and offered her the embrace. Part of his reasoning was to bolster the number of Kindred in LA, but he was also looking for someone to watch his back.

Meg owns The Cavalcade, a club and studio located above The Carnival, a Ventrue funded sex club. After an attack on the new Gangrel Primogen at the club one night, Meg began dating Elias Turay. Unfortunately, Michael doesn't care for Elias.

Recently Meg has come into contact with Scott Matthews, her cousin. Like Meg, Scott escaped the oppression of the Matthews family, and she will do anything she can to help him stay clear of it.