Michael Moorecock - Ventrue

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“And if you said this life ain't good enough
I'd give my world to lift you up
I'd change my life to better suit your mood
'Cause you're so smooth”

Santana - Smooth
Michael was the son of a prominent industrialist who was forcibly embraced during his last year of college on campus. He was left for dead and had no knowledge of what he was or of Kindred society. During his first few nights as a vampire, he killed his girlfriend while in a feeding frenzy. He still wears her cross to this night as a reminder of the beast within.

He went to Mexico where he met up with Maggie, an Assamite who taught him many things about her trade. He maintained his business contacts in the States and with his father. After a number of hair raising adventures south of the border, he stumbled into Las Vegas where Antonio Moreno approached him and chastised him for not presenting himself to the prince. Realizing that Michael had no knowledge of Camarilla society or the Masquerade, Antonio took him under his wing and into the Tremere Clan.

Michael met Brenda Thompson at Caesar’s Palace the night of his arrival in the city and eventually they fell in love. She became his ghoul, but what she really wanted was to be like him. When he refused to give her the Dark Gift, Antonio offered her the embrace, telling her he was doing it because Michael wouldn’t.

But Michael knew the real reason for Antonio’s offer. He had been developing a relationship with one of the Salubri Clan who was hinting toward the fact that Michael might be able to become human again if he sought Gehenna. When Brenda accepted Antonio’s offer Michael had a slight problem dealing with her being Kindred. After all, how could they have a real life together if he were able to become mortal again?

Under the pretense of giving her time to ‘spread her wings’, Michael withdrew from Brenda’s life. He spent some time in LA helping Talon Graves, and then went to Mexico where he was captured by a Sabbat pack. They used him to try and bring Salem under Sabbat rule, but the evil plot failed horribly. Although Michael wanted to resume his relationship with Brenda, she had found someone else. She sent him away and he returned to LA very much alone. He helped with the rebuilding of the city after the Brujah attack and sired his first childe, Meg Carmichael, having known her for many years and knowing that she was the ally he needed to get through the nights without Brenda.

In 2001 Antonio called upon Michael for help in locating his childe Christina Kline, who had disappeared from Brenda’s home in Salem. Michael went to Detroit where he was reunited with Brenda once more. Of course her new husband Rafe was there, but Michael knew that Brenda still loved him. He believed that eventually she will come to her senses and come back to him.

When he got the opportunity to ghoul Rafe's ex-lover, Michael jumped at the chance. He knew that Nick would be instrumental in his long term goal of getting Brenda back. When Rafe became Kindred and his blood bond to Brenda was broken. Nick was there to provide just the leverage required to break up Brenda's marriage.

Now that Brenda is single again, Michael is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to bring her back into his arms.