Nina Rodriguez - Tremere

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“I will stand firm in the tempest
I will ride destiny's trail”

Melissa Etheridge - Yes I Am
Nina was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her father was a jeweler and Nina picked up those skills from him. She studied fashion design in college and opened a store on Rodeo Drive.

She found a family pendant that had something written in Arabic on it. She learned the language to translate it and kept looking for information on the pendant even after she was warned it was bad luck to do so. One day a contact gave her a telephone number she was at precisely 3:30 am.

Nina called the number and spoke to a man who wouldn’t give his name or any information about himself, but asked a lot of questions about Nina. He told her to call three nights later at the exact same time. When she questioned the time, he insisted that if she wanted his help she would call when he wanted her to.

The next time she talked to him she was told that he needed to see the pendant in person. When she offered to send pictures, he said he needed to touch it. She agreed on the condition he tell her his name and why she should trust him. He said his name was Sebastian and that he had many contacts he could call upon to get the information she needed. She agreed to bring the pendant to a dock in Long Beach at midnight and to be alone.

She was late for the appointment and just when she thought he’d left, she turned around to find him close enough to touch. She showed him the pendant and they spent three hours talking about it, Nina, and her business.

Although Sebastian had not planned to stay in LA, he stuck around long enough to embrace Nina and train her in the ways of the Tremere and the Camarilla. He is a master of melee weapons and does not use firearms. He taught Nina in much the same manner. They still speak once a week.

Nina met Cormac Brennan shortly after her embrace at the Tremere Chantry in LA. She was drawn to his quiet studiousness and made sure he didn’t spend every night behind a book. They were very close.

Nina and her sire, Sebastian, were the only two Tremere who survived the attack on LA. Now there is a new Primogen and Chantry leader in town and there is no way on knowing what their game plan could be. Nina and Sebastian now have to worry not only about the enemies from without, but of those within as well. It isn’t clear who might be the bigger threat.

After the long rebuilding period came to an end, a new sadness entered Nina’s life when news came that her long-time friend, Cormac, had met final death while he was in Europe. She had not seen much of him after he moved to Salem, but she knew that he had been happy in the life he was rebuilding with his old love, Eliza.