Petor Andrews - Tremere Ghoul

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"And the wind whispers softly
That the Devil's to blame"

Jon Bon Jovi - Billy Get Your Guns
Petor was born and raised in Mother Russia. His father was an American immigrant who made sure his children knew a lot about his native country. Like many of his countrymen, Petor spent several years in the Russian Army, working in the motor pool and learning a lot about engines. After his military stint and a brief failed engagement, he became a truck driver.

One night Petor was getting drunk at a bar in some remote village when something strange happened. He had a quick vision of a Russian castle before he found himself standing over Tina on a street in Detroit. He didn't know how hed gotten there, only that Chaos had instructed him to watch over Tina and that they would be safe in Detroit. Actually he was hoping that his domitor would have some answers about what was going on, but unfortunately her memories of the past were gone.

Detroit was a different experience for Petor, but he quickly found that Tina would take care of his him as long as he takes care of her. In fact at time she was a little too protective, but he accepted that as a matter of course. There were occasions when it was a good thing, like when the family shed forgotten was threatening his life or when he was captured by the Sabbat.

Things were just settling down a little when the Tremere decided they wanted Tina back. The pack fought a long hard battle, but in the end Tina had no choice, not if she didn't want any more of them to die. Petor went with Frasier and their domitor into the country chantry where for six months they would all learn what it is like to be of the House and Clan Tremere.

Unfortunately, Chaos was quite insistant that Tina kill him in order to further the Verbena magic. In return, Malcolm put Tina in torpor. When she woke two months later she was in a blood frenzy, and drained Petor dry. She was devastated that she'd killed him, but too far gone to do anything about it.