Talon Graves - Gangrel

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“You come out at night, that's when the energy comes
And the dark side's light and the vampires roam”

Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery
Graves’ past is shrouded in mystery. It is known that he was a ghoul when he met Lena in Adrian, but how he came to be embraced is unknown by most. For a time he sought information on the book of Nod, but what he hoped to do with this knowledge is not clear. His research appears to have ended around the time of his embrace.

It is known that when Graves was still a ghoul he saved Jason Kline from a vampire attack at a monastery in Italy. We also know that after his embrace, he ghouled Jason and even sheltered Jason after his friend’s embrace.

Graves seems to have a lot of information at his fingertips. He knew when Estrea Moreno and Luke Thomas were about to be blown up in an airplane and he showed up just in time to save them. He knew that Christina Strong's life was in danger and arranged for Jason to guard her until they could stop the Society of Leopold from killing Idella.

He took control of LA and ruled through a puppet prince with an iron hand until the puppet was killed by the Brujah. He ruled LA openly until after a visit to Austria; when he came under attack by a Brujah Antediluvian with a score to settle. He was left in torpor after the last fight and the city was then left in the hands of Estrea and Vinnie.

After he was up and about again another problem arose, how to hold the city together long enough to repopulate.

Most of the Kindred in the city were killed in during the time of unrest and now Talon and the remaining members must fight to keep what is left. Many factions are making a play including human hunters, the Sabbat and a new threat that could lead them into more trouble than anyone had first thought possible.

When Jason returned to LA after Christina lost her memory, Graves spent a long time trying to get his friend back on his feet. He really didn't like it when Christina came to LA begging for Jason to take her back, but eventually he agreed to let her into his city, if only so he could keep a close eye on her.