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Gargoyles: Guardians of Stone

Gargoyles were originally created (or captured) as guardians by human Mages and the Tremere; however, many have been on their own for some time.

Assign starting Attributes (7/5/3) and Abilities (13/9/5), Backgrounds (5) and Freebies (15) as normal. Gargoyles have Rage, starting equal to their Courage, and Gnosis equal to Truth. Figure Rank from Renown as per Ragabash.

There are two ways to handle gargoyles special forms: as Custos or Mokole.

Formed as Custos

First, Gargoyles may be considered Custos (see Ascensions Right Hand). They have both a human and two Gargoyle forms. The first is similar to Crinos (this being their natural form), and gives +3 to physical attributes, -3 to Appearance, half Manipulation (though they can still speak clearly). The second is much smaller (perhaps half the size of a human), but very strong (+1 to all physical attributes, -2 to Appearance).

They have to following Custos Abilities in their Gargoyle forms:

ShapeChange - Greater/Smaller Size, Wings (both forms)

Claws (aggravated), NightSight

Freebie points may be spent (one for one) to buy additional Custos abilities.

Grown as Mokole

Alternately, many experts argue that Gargoyles are an engineered offshoot of the Mokole (Were-Lizards); hence a character may be built as such.

As with some Mokole, both Archid and Suchid forms may purchase special attributes; these are purchased separately for each form (except for Fur or Feathers, which apply to both forms). Note that the Archid (Greater) form MUST purchase Bipedal Walking, and the Suchid (Smaller) form usually has it as well; most gargoyles also have Wings in one or both forms.

Finally, while they do not count as Metis, the Archid (Greater) is their natural form. Because of this, Gargoyles do NOT cause Delirium; thus letting a mundane see this form can be very dangerous, especially for the human if they try to talk about it.

Gargoyle Powers

There are three ways to handle gargoyle powers; these many not be mixed. In any case, no Gift, Discipline, or Numina may be higher than their Rank.

bulletFirst, they may take gifts as Mokole. They do not have a Sun Aspect, nor a Lunar Auspice. Native Gifts may be chosen from any Breed, from the Ragabash Auspice, or any gift native to Mokole. They start with three Rank 1 gifts. The Rank 2 Mokole Gift "Become Log" is instead, "Become Stone".
bulletAlternately, instead of having gifts, they have Disciplines. Characters have three starting points in "clan" disciplines. These are Fortitude, Potence, and Visceratika (Story Tellers Handbook). The gargoyle can also later learn from the disciplines of Auspex, Animalism, Bardo, Celerity, Levitus, Mytherceria (STH to Sabbat), Obfuscate, Obtenebration, Presence, Protean and Spiritus (STH to Sabbat). No other disciplines may ever be learned. Any discipline requiring a Blood point would instead require a Rage point.
bulletFinally, they may elect get Custos points (21) and use them to buy Numina or other special abilities.


All Gargoyles are able to look (and listen) into the Umbra; they may not naturally travel there, however. Depending upon how powers are bought (see above), this may be accomplished using the gift "Stepping Sideways", the Custos power "Umbral Travel", or the Auspex ability "Astral Projection"; note that in this latter case, the ability may be used while the Gargoyle is in their Stone-torpor state (see below).

Special Notes

Gargoyles take damage from sunlight in their Greater (Archid) form, one point per hour (as Vampires), which cannot be soaked. Nor can they shift into Greater form during the day. If they are already in such form, and sunlight touches them, they are paralyzed, becoming motionless until the sun has set; in such condition they appear to be a stone statue.

Gargoyles can voluntarily go into this state (equivalent to Vampiric torpor) in either of their non-human forms. They can remain there as long as they wish, requiring no food or other respite. While in this state, they do not take any damage from sunlight. In addition they have a bonus to their Stamina equal to their Gnosis; thus they are very difficult to hurt. Many of the old "sculptures" found in Europe are said to be elder gargoyles, resting.

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