Abigail - Tremere

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“Everyone trusts a child.”

Lucy Reynolds
Abigail is over 150 years old. Her parents were friends with the Tremere who eventually embraced her. She spent a lot of time with her and when she was 10 she contracted small pox. The Tremere couldn't stand to see her die and embraced her.

She spends most of her time in Vienna with the council. Because of her youthful appearance, she needed someone to take care of her. The council gave her permission to take Christian as her companion. She's the brain, he's the brawn.

Abigail loves this new trend of Barbie dolls and collects them. A lot of them. She carries a Barbie case that houses a few of her favorites along with her highly sophisticated laptop. It has all the cool accessories and she knows how to use them. All of them.

She loves frilly dresses and patent leather shoes, and she also loves to heal people who are sick.