Christian Randall - Tremere

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“All the stars in the night shine in your name.”

Slaughter - Fly to the Angels
Christian is the love child of an aristocrat’s daughter and a Hawaiian worker. He was raised by the peasants in his mother’s castle in Austria. Being a bastard, he was never treated well, in fact he was beaten unconscious more than once.

Abigail visited the castle and liked the boy immediately. She asked the council for permission to have him as her companion and he was embraced into the clan. Abigail treated Christian better than he had ever been treated in his life, and he vowed to always care for her.

Christian isn't stupid, he's just... okay, he's not the brightest light bulb in the package. But he adores Abigail and would give his life for her. He is the brawn to her brain, and together, they travel the world performing whatever tasks the council sets them to.