Lorelei Krieger - Tremere

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“There are no rules, no one to blame
The price you pay to play the game”

Staind – Price to Pay
Lorelei Krieger was born in the late 1700. She was raised by her father, who was a royal guard for Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of Prussia. As her mother had died in childbirth, Lorelei was raised at the royal castle, playing with many of the royal and aristocratic children while her father was on duty.

Her father arranged a good marriage to Hans Krieger and Lorelei went happily into wedded bliss. An uprising of revolutionaries took her father’s life, and it wasn’t until years later that she learned her husband had been in the thick of the plot. Upon confessing that he had killed her father, Hans tried to kill Lorelei. She barely escaped with her life, fleeing to Hans’ twin brother’s house for sanctuary. Hans disappeared, somehow evading the royal guards who were now searching for him.

Roth took Lorelei in and protected her, for a price. His wife Callan never let on that she knew what Roth had asked of Lorelei, becoming close friends with Lorelei, and teaching her how to work in the tavern that Roth owned. While Lorelei did not like deceiving her friend, laying with Roth was the only way she could still be with Hans, the man she still loved.

Her closest childhood friend is Adelina Furst, who did her best to teach Lorelei the ways of the court. Through Adelina she met Alexandria Granville, a woman who would change Lorelei’s life forever. Lorelei also met Baron Felix Ackland, a wonderful man who was instantly smitten with her.

Unknown to Lorelei, her husband Roth was ghouled to the Brujah Primogen of Berlin. Roth and his Domitor planned to have Lorelei embraced into their clan, but Eduardo, the Tremere Primogen, had different plans. After a party in Lorelei’s honor, Alexandria brought her to the Tremere Chantry and into the clan.

Becoming Tremere allowed Lorelei to repay Callan for her kindness. Callan is now Eduardo’s ghoul, and forever grateful to have escaped her loveless marriage. Lorelei remained in Berlin, even after Alexandria returned to France. She anticipates repaying her husband for the pain he caused her.