Ryan O'Boyle - Ventrue

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“Underneath the chilly gray November sky
We can make believe”

Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy
Ryan is a lawyer from Phoenix who was embraced by Georgina Bowers, a Ventrue from Flint. While visiting her sire, she was involved in finding a crazed Malkavian who thought she was the mythical Lilith.

After returning home, Ryan was catapulted into the past with Sabine McTannish and Estrea Moreno. It took several nights of travel and the presence of a purple dragon, but eventually they were able to make their way back to the present.

Not that things were much better there. It took some time to kill the giant bugs that had taken over the Prince’s home, but somehow they managed. Ryan now enjoys the quiet life, practicing law and feeding from juvenile delinquents.